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Best Auto Body

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5635 S Van Dorn St, Alexandria, VA 22310, United States

Best Auto Body, Inc. stands behind its work with a full one-year guarantee for labor and our paint is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle in normal usage against peeling, flaking or abnormal fading. Their goals is to provide exceptional performance for all phases during your auto body repairs.

Upon accepting a customer, they do everything possible to provide outstanding service. Their staff work conscientiously and to the best of their ability on their assigned tasks; both individually and as a member of a solid team. You will want to be aware at the outset of the policies and practices they will follow in repairing your vehicle: – They are ready to answer your questions regarding your repair, including delivery, during all hours they are open for business. – A written estimate will be furnished upon request. If additional work is required, you will be notified (exception in case of insurance). – The car will be released when you have inspected it and are satisfied with the repairs.