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Dulles South Chantilly Automotive

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Dulles South Chantilly Automotive has been family owned and operated auto repair shop since 1998. They are a mother-son team, making them a unique repair shop. They have a history of providing quality automotive service.  They are fully committed to their customers. If you are a customer, thank you and please let them know if there is anything they can do to serve you better. If you aren’t yet a customer, we hope you will give them a chance to show you that you can trust them for your vehicle repair and maintenance needs.

Their priority is safety and reliability. They also want to help you protect a major investment. They primarily serve the auto repair shop needs of people in the Dulles South community. They work on everything from family vans to business fleets to custom classics. No matter what vehicle is tooling around their town, they want to know it’s well maintained and safe.