At Fairfax Auto Repair, their number one goal is complete customer satisfaction. Every day, with every customer, they focus on providing high-quality auto repair services coupled with top-notch customer service. With countless 5-star reviews and customer testimonials, they are proud of their reputation as one of the Fairfax area’s most trustworthy auto repair shops.

Fairfax Auto Repair began business in 2008. Since then, they have had an amazing response to their business practices. Their customers love their open minded approach and willingness to to focus on the most important- the client’s issues. This has led them to a significant amount of returning customers. Their steady growth of clients is the results of adhering to the initial client’s concerns, and not giving good people the auto repair run around. Safety and reliability is their focus. They’ll never sell a repair that is not needed to a customer.

They will follow the maintenance booklet of your vehicle. Exceptions and modifications are always available for different driving characteristics. Fairfax Auto Repair prides itself on honesty and integrity in a field that at times, is perceived unethical. In a client satisfaction industry, it can become very difficult to please everyone. While they have a strong return rate from our clients, there is always room for improvement. They always do their best, and their high client ratings tells them that they are doing the right things.

If mistakes they made, they will do their best to correct the situation in a calm and respectable fashion. They strive to do their  best to provide the highest level of repair for your vehicle. They only employ trained certified technicians. Their  facility meets the highest standards in vehicle repair, competency, reliability, cleanliness, competitive pricing, and overall experience. Feel free to contact them at Fairfax Auto Repair and experience the difference yourself!