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Rockville Ring & Bearing Service

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7406 Westmore Rd, Rockville, MD, United States
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Rockville Ring and Bearing (RR&B) is a family-owned business established in 1964 by Willard “Dinky” Barbour. After working part-time since 1975, Doug Barbour joined the company full-time in 1981, after obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from McDaniel College. In 1998, Doug and Marlene Barbour purchased RR&B and continue to own it today.

Our longevity of over 50 years is attributed to the quality of our work, the timely manner in which the jobs are completed, our competitive prices, and our ability to rebuild a wide variety of engines from pre-war to import high-performance.

Customer satisfaction through quality work has been and will continue to be our goal as we head into the next half century of service.

Our client list includes most of the automotive repair shops in the Rockville metro area, as well as many car dealerships and just as importantly, many “do-it-yourselfers.”

Thanks for checking us out – we hope to see you soon!

We offer the following services:

For Blocks

-Cleaning: spray wash, hot tank, bake and blast, magnafluxing, and pressure testing
-Cylinder reboring
-Cylinder honing
-Cylinder sleeving
-Align honing
-Cam bearing installation
-Freeze plug installation

For Cylinder Heads

-Valve jobs – both stock and high performance
-Guide installation – cast iron or bronze
-Hardened seats installed
-Magnafluxing and pressure testing

All valve jobs are completed with respect to correct valve stem height and correct spring pressure.

For Crank Shafts


For Pistons

-Fitting on rods

For Rods

-Pin bushing replacement and resizing
-Alignment correction

We Also

-Reface flywheels
-Turn drums and rotors
-Resurface manifolds both intake and exhaust