Seatco provides high-quality exterior and interior automotive trim repair on current, late-model vehicles, restoration on historic or antique cars, custom interior work for rods and street cruisers, and installation services – at a fair price and delivered on schedule.

The spectrum of transportation types we work on is large and varied – they work on cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, planes, buses, limousines, fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, and more.

Their trim and restoration services include repair or replacement of upholstery, carpets, dashboards, soft tops, convertible tops, sunroofs (and moon roofs). They’ll fix or replace any fabric, vinyl, plastic windows, glass windows, frames, top motors, latches, straps, or any other related mechanism. They can fix or replace headliners and make leather interior upgrades.

They can also take your older car and upgrade it in other ways, whether that’s putting in better carpet, a better headliner, custom embroidery on the door panels or seats, adding stereo speakers, a custom unit in the dash, and more.

If a custom ride is your desire, they are here to make the dream a reality. They’ve worked with professional athletes, entertainers, tech millionaires and other money-is-no-object owners to create custom car interiors like no other.

Seatco offers full, factory-original restorations for your vintage auto’s trim. If needed, they’ll fabricate unavailable parts, painstakingly duplicating the original through old photos, drawings, and other research methods, so that your car is historically correct in every way. Their auto-body partners work with thefor complete, end-to-end restorations.

Need something else? All told, Seatco can service nearly any interior auto trim need.

Now, don’t assume that just because we do all this specialty work, that we don’t do regular commercial work. We do. And we do a lot of it.

Seatco regularly services fleet vehicle tops and interiors and offers volume-discount rates for this type of work. We do a great deal of repair work for new and used car dealerships, as well as general auto repair shops. We do work for city and county governments, as well as for corporations and smaller companies.

They people are highly skilled and very good at what they do.